Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees:

We prioritize protecting your personal data on our website. We will only use your personal information from the order form to contact you about your order. No one will ever sell or distribute your personal information.

We safeguard your personal data against unauthorized access and disclosure. Nonetheless, we advise users not to provide personal information over unprotected channels like social media, email, etc.

Duenursingpaper.com can change our policies at any time. If you have questions, contact us, or review our guidelines often. Whenever you use our services or share information on our website, you automatically accept our privacy policy and its conditions and limits.

If your payment was incorrect (similar orders, double payment, etc.) or we cannot fulfill your transaction, you may be eligible for a full refund. If you cancel before a writer is assigned, you can get a full refund.
70% will be refunded. If a writer has been assigned to your order but has finished less than half of the job, they deserve paid for their time and effort.
If a writer has been assigned to your order and more than half of it has been completed, or if we cannot find a suitable writer to revise your order, we will reimburse 50% of the revision fee.
We cannot provide refunds in any other circumstances to prevent facility misuse. If you want more details about our refund policy, check out our money bank guarantee in our Terms & Conditions.

We strive hard to suit your needs, including processing purchases correctly on the first try. If you are unhappy with our work, you can request a revision at any time. We allow unlimited changes since the client is always correct.
If the change is minor, we’ll update it and send it back to the client. Our standard revision procedure requires a 12-hour minimum.
We request as many details as possible with your order to avoid adjustments. Be sure you give the exact instructions the first time you order, as any revisions will cost more.

We respect your delivery time because we realize how crucial it is. We complete 99 percent of orders ahead of time. Ironically, the transaction may take longer than expected owing to unforeseeable circumstances, but we will keep you informed and minimize the time spent beyond the deadline.
Our customers should also regularly check their spam folders for notification emails, which may get up there by mistake. You can get the final files from your account section after logging in to our website using your details. If you cannot download the article, we can email it to you.

Credit card security
This website does not collect, sell, or share credit or debit card information. We value your privacy. Hence, Stripe’s secure payment system processes payments with merely your email address. Encryption on our website adds security.

We occasionally connect to websites with useful information. Duenursingpaper.com is not affiliated with these links and is not liable for any decisions made based on their content.

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