Question: Navigating the FDA website.
Go to
Under “Navigate the Inspe…

Navigating the FDA website.

Go to

Under “Navigate the Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and
Criminal Investigations Section”, click on “Compliance Actions and

Click on “Clinical Investigator – Disqualification

What does NIDPOE stand for? Who does the FDA send it to?

What reasons are given for disqualifying a clinical

What activities are a disqualified investigator not permitted to

On the same page, click on “Clinical Investigator –
Disqualification Proceedings Database”.

From the database, pick 2 investigators whose last name starts
with the same letter as yours and who was disqualified and with
NIDPOE issued after year 2000. If no investigator’s last name
matches, then settle for the closest letter to yours, or one
disqualified before 2000.

Once you click on the investigator’s name, it will take you to
the “Clinical Investigators – Disqualification Proceedings –
Detail” page. You should be able to find 1-3 hyperlinks (Text or
PDF) there that will take you to detailed descriptions of the
disqualification proceedings.

Discuss the violative actions committed by the investigators
that led to their disqualification.

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