Question: Follow this link to watch and listen to a TED talk:…

Follow this link to watch and listen to a TED talk:

This will take you to the TED talk, by Dr. Frans
De Waal on the question as to whether primates possess
elements for moral reasoning. 

After watching the Ted Talks video clip with Dr. De
Waal, what do you think about the following:

1. What are the key features, (physical traits), that
all primates, including humans, have in common? 

2. What do you think of the experiments
Dr. de Waal shares? Do his case examples provide
good evidence to support ‘primitive moral reasoning?’ Why or why
not? Give solid reasons, and evidence to support your statements.
Do you think we can see elements of our own ‘moral reasoning’ in
other species? 

3. After having viewed this talk, and considered the
questions, here are two ‘ethical questions’ to get you stirred up :
 (a) should we continue to use primates for medical and/or
other forms of testing? Why or why not?  (b) do you think zoos
are still a viable form of human entertainment, recreation and/or
protection for animals on our planet? Do other species have

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